We accompany users end-to-end on their Web3 journey

Web3 is complicated, siloed, and hard to access, especially for beginners. Ambros accommodates the needs of users at various stages and interests, all in one mobile app

Market Alert

Latest news, on-chain data feeds, and significant socio-economic events timeline for trading decision

Learn & Experience

Step-by-step guidance for all Web3 basics with direct testnet access giving hands-on experience

Explore Opportunities

Trending airdrop and giveaways opportunities on multiple networks with integrated wallet allowing one-click hunting

Multi Chain Wallet

A trust wallet facilitating multi-chain transactions. Safely and conveniently store, stake, swap, or sell your token

Rewards for all in-app interactions. Claimable daily!

We inspire and entertain the Web3 adoption journey with the Ambros point system backed by an enriched and diverse rewards pool.

Earn points easily

Daily Activites

Reading or sharing news, making transactions, participating in special events, and more...

Special Events

Participating in attractive events, from app quests to our partners marketing campaigns.


Loyalty programs facilitated by our partners to reward token and NFT holders.

Redeem valuable rewards

Physical Items

Latest iPhones, consumers vouchers from famous brands

Tokens & NFTs

ETH, BNB, Matic, Ape NFT, and many other trending tokens

Investment Opportunities

Access to profitable IDO, INO events with whitelist slots

Robust marketing solutions for Web3 businesses

Ambros partners can manage their profiles in Dapp Portal via the admin dashboard. Your potential users are now only a click away!


a massive and organic Web3 users community


users to boost potential adoption with special quests


users easily by providing feature access


users efficiently by delivering regular updates

Partners and Stakeholders



adoption with daily rewards